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Welcome to Izumi Mango Orchard!

Izumi Mango Farm was founded by Masahiro Gima. Mr Gima started farming mangoes back in 1988 and was one of the first mango farmers in Okinawa. In that time the farm has grown and expanded and now produces from 4 to 6 tons of Apple Mangoes per year. The farm is now run together with Shiro and Kirsten Gima - Mr Gima's son and daughter in law.


These ARWIN or, commonly known here in Japan, as APPLE mangoes are incredibly sweet and can get up to a sweetness level of 17 on the brix index. They are ruby red in appearance and the flesh is a bright orange color.


We strive to produce mangoes that are both sweet to taste and beautiful in appearance - ideally suited to the Japanese market. We believe that good quality, healthy and nutritious soil is of upmost importance in producing such good quality mangoes and work hard to improve the soil conditions at all times. Our mangoes are not organic but we try our best to limit the number of pesticides and at best do not use herbicides in and around the orchards. Good quality soil improves strength of the trees which makes them more resistant to disease and insects.


This website should provide you with the information you need regarding orders within Japan. Please visit this PRODUCTS page to see our products and the various grades of mangoes we produce. 

Most of the small details are provided in Japanese. Should you need assistance with ordering or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact us page or email us at gima(at mark) izumimangoen(dot)com.


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The Gima Family.

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