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Shiro & Kirsten

About Us

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儀間史郎 Shiro Gima
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I Kirsten am originally from South Africa and my husband, Shiro is from Okinawa. The farm has been operating since 1988, however we took over in 2017 once Shiro`s father retired. We live here on the property right near the mango green houses. We love to grow mangoes but more specially beautiful mangoes that are only harvested when ripe, and grown with lots of love and attention! 

Our farm is small and we only produce 4000-5000 mangoes per year but the small business means we have time to dedicate attention to quality. That`s why we can boast in selling high quality apple mangoes.

Due to the beautiful and tranquil location of the farm in the hills of Mt Yae in Motobu Town, we also run and small self catering cottage on the property called Phumula Guest Cottage. 


We love to meet new people, so please don`t hesitate to drop by or give us a call when in the area. Our summers are busy so we don`t have a lot of time to chat but in our off season from September till end January, we usually have more time.

We also have volunteers coming to help and work on the farm while experiencing farm life. If you are interested then please contact us here.

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