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よくある質問 Commonly Asked Questions




Below is a list of commonly asked questions that we get at Izumi Mango Orchard. Should you have any other questions that are not answered below, then please contact us via email or phone 



輸送中に傷んでしまったマンゴーや熟れ過ぎたマンゴーは、通常、マンゴーを再度発送することになります。まれにですが、表皮は良くても、切った時に中の実が傷んでいるマンゴーがあります。 そのようなマンゴーが届いた場合はすぐにご連絡ください。

Can I get a refund for the mango order?

We do provide refunds for mangoes that are damaged during shipping, or arrive at their destination in an over-ripe state. We usually send a new box of mangoes to replace the damaged ones. Sometimes the mangoes appear fine on the outside and only when you cut them, do you discover a problem. If this is the case then please contact the mango shop immediately to explain the problem.


申し訳ございません。 現在のところサイト上での決算は行っていません。注文は受け付けております。このサイトは私たちいずみマンゴー園を皆様に知っていただくためのものです。注文をしたいお客様はメールかファックスまたはサイトのオーダーフォームでお願いします。

Can I order mangoes online?

We do not have an online shopping basket system, however you can order your mangoes from the ORDER page and email your order to us. If you would prefer to download the PDF order form and email it through to us, then you can also do this. 


果実の糖含量の指標となる値です。その値は糖度計で測定されます。 アーウィン種の糖度は13度から18度です。 おいしさは個人的な好みがあります。 少し酸味のあるマンゴーを好む方もいますので糖度の値だけで美味しさは決まりません。

What does the Brix Index mean?

The Brix index shows the sweetness level of fruit. It is measured using a refractometer. Arwin mangoes range in sweetness from 13 - 18. Sweetness is not the only factor that indicates how delicious the mango is. Some people prefer the mango to have a slight acid or tangy taste to balance out the sweetness. The Izumi Mango Orchard Farm grows mangoes with a perfect balance of sweet and sour, and has a unique distinctive flavor thats hard to find in other orchards. 


マンゴーは室温で熟させてください。 熟すると実も柔らかくなります。甘くて強い香りがして、果皮が全体的に濃くなり油っぽくテカテカしてきたら食べ頃です。冷蔵庫に入れ、冷やして召し上がってください。

How can you tell when the mango is ripe?

A mango should be left at room temperature to ripen. It is ripe when the rich smell of mango starts to develop. You will also notice an oily film forming over the mango which is oily to touch. The mango will get softer as it ripens. Don't leave the mango until it gets black spots on it. This is over ripe. Once the mango is at the most ripened state, then put it in the fridge at least one hour before eating. (unless you prefer to eat fruit thats not chilled!) (Personally we prefer to eat chilled mangoes. For some reason they taste sweeter.)



How long does a mango last for once ripe?

​Once the mango is ripened, keep it in the refrigerator. A mango can last up till one week easily in the fridge but the taste is obvoiusly not as good as when its fresh. Mangoes also freeze really well if peeled and sliced and stored in zip lock bags. They are great used in smoothies and juices



 はい、できます。 しかし、台風のような悪天候とお客様の指定日が重なって、本土行きの飛行機便が欠航となった場合には、お客様が指定した日には発送ができません。 そのような場合は、必ずこちらからお客様にご連絡いたします。

Can I choose a delivery date?

Yes but in some cases we might not be able to deliver mangoes on that specific date due to delays in shipping due to bad weather conditions. In such cases we will contact the customer and let them know. 





私たちの農園では、毎年だいたい6月中旬から収穫が始まり、8月下旬で終わります。 収穫が最も盛んな月は7月です。 マンゴーはとても人気のため、私たちの常連のお客様は、早くからの注文を希望します。 私たちもそれにお答えするために注文を早くて5月から受けつけています。

When is the Mango Season?

We start picking on average around mid June every year and the season usually ends mid August. Our peak season is July. We start taking orders as early as May since there is a great demand and our customers like to ensure that there will be enough mangoes for their order. 





When will my order be delivered?

Once we have confirmation from the bank or post office that the payment has been made, we will ship your order. Due to the amount of orders every year we will only be able to ship your order as the mangos become available. Shipping season is usually from early July until 10 August every year. 






Are the Mangoes shipped COOL or ROOM Temperature?

The prices shown on this website are all including room temperature shipping. If a customer requests specifically we can send the mangoes chilled but an extra charge will be included. Please contact us to find out about pricing. 






クレジットカードでお支払いいただくことはできません。またインターネットでの販売はしておりません。 お支払いは、銀行(琉球銀行、沖縄銀行)または郵便局でお願いいたします。 私たちマンゴー園内のショップにご来店できる方は、現金でお支払いいただけます。

Can I pay with credit card?

We currently do not accept credit cards and do not offer online shopping options. All payments are made by deposit into a Post Office Account, the Bank of the Ryukus or The Bank of Okinawa. If you are able to come to the shop on the farm, then we also accept cash payments. For international orders, we do accept payments through paypal. Please contact us to find out paypal details. 



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