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Mango Products List 2018

Luxury Apple Mango / A Rank Mango

1kg 5,250円 | 1.5kg 7,875円 | 2kg 9700円 | 4kg 17850円

This is the top grade mango - classified as such because of the appearance and size. The mango is almost totally red and has no scratches on the skin and is perfect in shape and color. This mango is exceptionally sweet. It is an ideal luxury summer gift. The mangoes are packed in a beautiful box and make a stunning gift. 

Affordable Gift Apple Mango. (B)

1kg 4,200円/1.5kg 6,300円 / 2kg 7,875円/ 4kg 14,175円

These special Apple Mangoes are graded and priced according to size and appearance.

Each mango ranges from 350g to 550g in size. They have no defects in appearance, color or taste and are the usual red sweet apple mangoes that we grow. The only difference is that the fruit is not perfectly red. The taste does not however vary.  

They are shipped in beautifully designed boxes for 1kg  (2~3 fruit) and 2kg (4~6 fruit).

When ordering a 4kg(10~12 fruit) box of mangoes, we sell in a regular white box. We can ship a maximum of 8kg  in any one shipment. 

Please refer to the specific page for more details. 



Top Grade Apple Mango Size XL


The top grade mangoes are graded according to size and are the largest and very beautiful and exceptionally sweet. Each mango weighs more than 610g and are perfect in shape and color. These special extra large mangoes are sold in beautiful boxes from 2 in a box to 8 in a box. Please see details on the home page or on the XL size mango page NOTE: Most of these mangos are sold to the Tokyo SEMBIKIYA market. Only a few boxes can be sold privately, depending on demand. Please email us to find out if they are available.

Mangoes for Home and Family.

2kg 5775円 / 5kg 11,550円

These mangoes have defects in the colour of the mango. The inside of the mango is however not affected. We sell them cheaply because of this. The mangoes come in different sizes and different colors in one order. The taste is hardly different from any of the top ranking mangoes. The D grade mango  is suitable for eating, juicing, smoothies and making jams and jellies too (although most people finish the box before they have a chance to make any jam!!!) 

We sell this rank of mangoes to the Okinawa Ritz Carlton Hotel in the summer season.

Mini Mango


The mini mango is classified mini size if it is less than 150g. Mini mangoes are also graded according to shape and appearance and hence the price changes accordingly. They are incredibly sweet and have a thin seed in the center. These mangoes are grown on the same tree as the larger ARWIN mangoes but just dont get bigger than a certain size. We sell from 500g size packs but if you require the mangoes to be shipped then we only sell from 1kg orders and up. The price shown is for the middle grade mini mango. If you would like to send a beautiful box of mini mangoes as a gift then we recommend the 1kg box. These mini mangoes are all the same size and are chosen especially for gift grade. If however you do not mind getting a mixed bunch of mini mangoes then we recommend the 2kg or 4 kg box. The picture on the right is a 4kg box of mini mangoes.

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